NOW SELLING 8oz & 12oz CANDLES -- 100% SOY WAX 100% SAME VIBE!

About Tina Cakington & Cakington Candle Co

First and foremost THANK YOU!

Thank you for buying, window shopping, taking a look and even wanting to know more. 

I am Tina Cakington (as known on social media) and this is Cakington Candle Co. I am a lover of good food, good music, animals, traveling, laughing till I cry, big hugs, smell goods & a first generation Haitian-American.

Cakington Candle Co was born truly in 2020 while looking for something to do with my time during a global pandemic when the work day was done. I always have a candle lit in my home and decided why don't I try and make my own.  So I did, and it was great! 

Each scent has been blended and put together by myself, spending hours searching, measuring and sniffing all types of fragrances until I couldn't differentiate smells anymore. Every oil combination shows a piece of my personality; playful, witty, warm and some even sentimental. 

Thank you for choosing Cakington Candle Co to help light your mood and take over your home in a smell good embrace.